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  1. Our AViz package has been designed to solve most previously mentioned problems and satisfies our demands. The technical work on the AViz routines has been done by Adham Hashibon and Geri Wagner. They selected the Qt toolkit to prepare the GUI, which is also the basis for the KDE desktop. (This system also works on advanced windows systems.)

  2. The MESA/OpenGL part is similar to our old routines, but the interface is a whole lot friendlier, and extends the interactive updating possibilities. Installation should also be easier at least on Red Hat and Suse systems.

  3. The AViz homepage at http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~aviz contains examples, sample datafiles and downloadable installation files (including rpm format for Linux Redhat and Suse and source tar files for general UNIX) and a manual. There is the possibility of using accelerated graphics if it is there. There are versions both for interactive viewing and post production visualization from datafiles.

  4. Sources and instructions are freely avaliable, under a GNU General Public License.

Copyright, AViz AtomicVizualization, (C) 2001 Computational Physics Group, Israel Institute of Technology Technion, 32000 Haifa Israel, Geri Wagner, Adham Hashibon

  • Recent additions: option to draw sequential bonds in polymers by Yuval Shabo, variable bond width and FOVY by Yoel Koenka and 3D stereo by Dan Peled.
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