[Movie of phonon of split interstitial defect] [Experiment (Raman) vs computation (phonon spectra),details ]


My interest in diamond/graphite systems began from a percolation question. Percolation is a process whereby
  • if one takes a box with a random mixture of glass and metal balls then
  • as one increases the probablility that each ball is metal
  • above some critical probablility (concentration of metal balls), p c,
  • the system becomes conducting.
  • The question is why do diamonds, which are insulators, become conductors when they are damaged. The hypothesis was that somehow they turn into graphite, which is a conductor. The graphitic regions percolate (span) across the system. But you cannot look inside to test this because such testing turns diamond into graphite anyway.

    [ Damaged diamonds conduct electricity] [Formation of nanodiamond and nanographite in amorphous carbon under pressure, with or without hydrogen atoms present.]