Photos of activities of the Computational Physics Group at the

Technion- Israel Institute of Technology

  1. Pictures from Geri's farewell party
  2. Pictures from CCP2001dinner and poster session .
  3. One POSTDOCTORAL position available starting in March, 2002
  4. Photos from farewell party for David Saada PHOTOS_1 and PHOTOS_2
  5. Article by D. Stauffer from Physics World on ``Frustration and Simulation'' describing new results by R. Palmer and J. Adler on spin glass groundstates.

  6. A Walk in Phase Space: Solidification into Crystalline and Amorphous States; view glassball simulations and a discussion of ice-cream making as a quench to an amorphous state. This article will be part of a special theme issue of the American Journal of Physics, edited by H. Gould and J. Tobochnik, about Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Statistical Physics.

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