New Approaches to Modern Physics/SIMULATIONS

118093 - New Approaches to Modern Physics

Advanced Statistical Mechanics

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  1. The best way to simulate percolation is with the use of the Hoshen-Kopelman algorithm. Ido Braslavsky and Zaher Salman developed interactive PGPLOT versions of the program given by Gould and Tobochnik. These can be downloaded here. look at the source file pro.f and download the executable for either linux (pro_lin.ex) or sun (tx).

  2. Percolation does not only apply to uniform balls on a lattice. It is also relevant for continuum disks of spheres of different sizes. David Saada prepared a routine to model this, which can be downloaded here. Look at perco.f and download correct version for your computer.

  3. The rich structure within percolation clusters has been explored by Eduardo in a project .

  4. Lastly, and recommended because of the nice collection of links, despite some bugs, Nir Yefet has made three dimensional models of percolation clusters using mesa. His webpage with lots of good links (including a link to another percolation program in MATLAB) is here. From these links you can find other links, at last count I found about 10 distinct sites, many with java applets. These will run over netscape at the Technion if it is set correctly (enable java under the edit preferences advanced option.) They may overtax the system resources however (and crash your session), be warned. The algorithm description in this project has a bug in it, be warned.