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  • Elyasaf's siyum for sabaraba's yartzeit here.

  • Elyasaf's first aliyah, June, 2017 here, movies and erev shabbat .

  • Summer 2015 - Yael at Noar Shahar Mada with her robot and Yael's batmitzvah and Elyasaf's site for Yael

  • October 2014 - Naama's Batmitzvah

  • September 2013 - Joan's talk about parents for simhat torah dinner , Naama's cake at Succot gathering, Yael's bike with a picture of the pavlova at El Gaucho in the middle of the series - oops.

  • Beamer albums for 2012-3. Hanukah, Hanukah, Jerusalem, Snow in Haifa, Japan - CCP2012,

  • Talk for Grandpa Adler's Askara here

  • Pictures from 2012 - Ari's graduation

  • Pictures from 2011 - Ido's Barmitzvah - Elyasaf's party - Ruth and SabaRaba's aliyah - Ivor's aliyah and Simone's engagement - Nathan and Tsiona's engagement

  • Pictures from 2010 (files only - html in preparation) - Asael's Barmitzvah - R and J's 60th Birthday party

  • Pictures from 2009 - Purim- Amaryllis - Elad and Osher at the Technion - Asael in Bible Quiz Elyasaf's 5th birthday party Yael's 6th Birthday party Rosh Hashanna, 2009

  • Pictures from 2008 - Boston and Singapore and Australia and back home in Israel Naama's sixth birthday party and Chanukah, Ayelet's fifth Birthday

    New York with Lucy and Elyasaf's 4th birthday party

    Ze'evi's 1st birthday party

  • Pictures from 2007 - Elad's Barmitzvah,including Neve Ilan pictures

    Na'ama's 5th birthday party, More Kotel, Kotel, Rosh Hashana. Elyasaf's party and Elad with Tefillin. Yael's party and ido's concert. Yom Haatzmaut, 2007 at our place. Circumcision celebration of great nephew Zevi David, Melbourne, 2007. Elyasaf's kindergarten homepage, Elad's class project.

  • Pictures from 2006 - Yael's 3rd birthday party and Nana and the swimming pool Family Tree, Purim, Jerusalem with Gabriel and Asael's party .

  • older pictures (1998-2005) Family photographs and movies - family pictures from summer holidays, Ido's party, Purim, Pesach and Yom Haatzmaut, 2005. See the chameleon in our garden in Haifa, Israel here.
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