From 1/1/2014 there will be funds for positions in the Computational Physics Group at the Physics Department of the Technion . (If you are self-funded we would be happy to host you already now). This group carries out computations on a variety of condensed matter systems. The systems studied to date include Carbon, Helium, Semiconductors, Aluminium and Ceramics. Our techniques range from classical molecular dynamics to abinitio modelling and include both parallel algorithms and advanced visualization. More details about us can be found on our homepage, including a list of recent group publications.

The Technion environment is supportive of interdisciplinary and computational/ experimental interactions. A partial list of projects with experimental collaborators can be found here. More general information about the Technion for applicants from outside of Israel, can be found on the webpages of the Student Exchange program. Note that no knowledge of Hebrew is needed, but good English is important.

Postdoctoral positions can be held either via the Physics Department or via The RBNI Nanotechnology Institute. I do not respond to requests for postdoctoral positions that are not personalised and indicate that the applicant has perused our website.

Applicants should email Dr Joan Adler (phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il) with curriculum vitae (in a form that can easily be printed or a web reference to such - this means tex/latex, postscript or pdf) and the email addresses of two researchers who can provide references on request. A reference to your personal homepage on the web would be helpful.

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