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    Ion implantation into diamond and the subsequent graphitization. (Phd Thesis of David Saada co-supervised by J. Adler and R. Kalish, Physics.) [ The experiment - cartoon] [Irradiation by one atom - mpeg] [Irradiation by one atom - cartoon] [Irradiation by 12 atoms]

    (NEW style - LINUX boxes and AViz)

  2. AViz - visualization by Eduardo W. of graphitic layers from this data.

  3. Diffusion in carbon membranes. (MSc thesis of Tali Mutat co-supervised by J. Adler, Physics, and M. Sheintuch, Chemical Engineering.) Diffusion of hydrocarbons in nanotubes . Visualization with control volumes.

  4. Nanotube vibrations (Project of Yaniv Gershon co-supervised by J. Adler, and Tali Mutat Physics, and Yuval Yaish, Electrical Engineering.) MD simulation of tube under external force of 0.1 [eV/m] for 10ps bond lengths [1.4-1.5A] [1.2-1.4A] [1.5-1.8A]