• The Computational Physics course is a two hour a week, introductory senior undergraduate/graduate course for Physics Department (and other) students. Although it is optional, about half the Physics graduate students take it as well as many undergraduates.
  • I have been giving it since 1990; first on a mainframe and early 286's. In the early nineties I moved to an ftp server for the targilim and programs and a notebook with a mattol for presentation, and more recently a classroom with X-terminals (2 students per terminal, up to 20 in the classroom.)
  • For the last three years most of the material has been on the web, including lecture notes and targilim, projects and this last year, the students have been handing in targilim on webpages too. The two remaining topics still on handouts/slides will be added to the web in the spring semester this year.
  • Feedback from the students on taking the class with webpages has been extremely positive. (Especially from those in miluim!) The students completing this course in the last few years have given us a group of metargilim with good web skills and experience in taking a class with webpages.
  • The students follow the lectures from netscape, clicking on the hypertexed material and downloading programs to run interactively in class.
  • The lectures are in true html (not pdf or gif) for speed in class and ease of updating.
  • I still print each lecture on slides, in case of communication emergencies.

  • what Index of Lecture Slides and Targilim - example of week 4 lecture

    Example of a student page for presenting targilim: Yossi Weinstein's page.

    Example of a project presentation: Arye Meir's page.

    what 1998 projects

    what 1999 projects

    what 2000 projects

    Update on the Undergraduate Web Page project in Physics at http://physics.technion.ac.il/~webteach