There are many other programs for different kinds of visualization. Other accessible ones include:
  1. Rasmol for proteins.
  2. tecplot for fluids. (follow the database thru linux and then tecplot.)
  3. pgplot for 2d and contour plots,matlab. mathematica are ok for general 3d applications
  4. another source of xyz files is suggested by Eduardo, from the nrl site see also : http://cst-www.nrl.navy.mil/lattice/about_xyz.html

I'm trying to convince you to visualize with whatever suits your research area.

For AViz you need X access to LINUX with OpenGL or Mesa installed locally. In the Technion it is installed on Aluf, and on physics classroom machines.. (It also works on SG machines.)

AViz works for atoms, spins, cones, cylinders, polymers, smoke rendering of electronic densities, it does not yet do ribbons.