The next 5 DEMANDS and their solutions

    1. animation of the progress of a simulation -- via the filist option. A filelist file is a list of successive .xyz files (usually for succesive times), numbered as file1.xyz, file2.xyz etc and this feature is controlled by the filelist bar.

    2. preparation of output in different formats -- .png direct from aviz, and successive .png files from animations or rotations, animated gif, mpg or anything else with `` convert'' of Image Magick or other standard tools.

    3. possibility of slicing and annotating samples. Annotation is done from the Elements button. -- annotated clipped sample

    4. highlighting of specific areas or configurations -- simply give the atom a different name and then select a different color for that atom.

    5. a choice of atom, spin, pore etc as the object visualized -- select option from the Atoms button. spin example(Riki Hihinashvili) and polymer example(Yuval Shyuv).