There are six movies on this page. The programs to generate these visualizations are referenced on the help page and can be downloaded for your own use. The files are mpeg format; press the help button above for advice on playing them on your system.

The first three show energy levels and wavefunctions for the solution of the Time Independent Schroedinger Equation in three different shapes of infinite wells. In each figure the lower frame shows the development of the wavefunction as a solution to the Schroedinger Equation and the upper frame shows the well shape in red and the energy levels as dotted white lines. The parameter GAMMA shows how much quantum nature is in the normalised parameters of the equation. The smaller GAMMA is the more quantum mechanical.

The last three show the time development of wave pulses moving under the Time Dependent Schroedinger equation.


The square well. Note how the spacing between the energy levels decreases as the energy increases.

The parabolic well. Note the equal spacing between the levels.

The Lennard-Jones potential. Note how the spacing increases as the energy increases.

Wave packet passing thru a barrier. See how it is refected off the front and back walls.

Wave packet moving into a step. See how it penetrates, but decays as it moves further in.

Wave packet moving over a square well. This is the same case as is shown in the figure on p. 228 of Tipler, ``Modern Physics''.