Dear Colleagues,

In the following month, a few members of our group are about to give 
seminars on their work, all related to microstructural based mechanical 

5 Jan., 14:30 – “*Microscale Modeling of Multiple and Higher-Order 
Deformation Twinning*” by Dr. Roy Shyamal. Dr. Shyamal is a post-doc 
researcher in our group and he will be giving a seminar related to his 
Ph.D. study. The abstract is 

22 Jan., 14:30 – “*Nanograins Promote Dynamic Shear Localization*” by 
Mr. Sagi Chen. This seminar is a summary of the M.Sc. study of Mr.Chen, 
in which he examined with Molecular Dynamics Simulation if and how the 
distribution of the nanograins within the matrix promotes localized 
deformation in a percolative process.

12 Feb., 14:30 – “*Modeling the Strength of Ni_3 Al Nanocubes Using 
Molecular Dynamics Simulations*” by Mr. Koren Shreiber. In this seminar, 
which is a summary of Mr. Shreiber’s Ms.C. research, he will present 
Molecular Dynamics Simulations he performed to understand the strength 
of Ni_3 Al nanoparticles. In part of this work he will present a method 
to identify defects in alloys in atomistic simulations, which will be 
demonstrated in L1_2 structures.

All seminars take place in Dan Kahn Building (Mechanical Engineering), 
in Auditorium no. 1 and I cordially invite to attend them.

Best wishes,

Dan Mordehai