♫ Group meeting page

and pics of Jeremy and Samer

  • First meeting - Omri A. in charge of facebook page, presentations by Amihai, Liran and Zippora. Continued with QE instruction in 316.

  • 24/12/14
    1. accounts on phony1 and 2 opened, thanks Omri A.
    2. phony1 webserver open to public and msql installed, thanks Riva.
    3. phony4, windows machine has arrived and is being installed with windows 8, thanks Yan.
    4. AViz listserv about to reopen, called PH-AVIZ-L
    5. visitor, Vladimir Privman, arriving 11th January for 3 weeks.
    6. Omri H. presentation
    7. Jeremy WIKI and github - let Jeremy know if you want password to Wiki, for github you make your own.
    8. Liran Percolation

  • 7/1/15
    1. phony4 has windows 8 latest mathematica and matlab. Please help your self to an account or ask Omri A.
    2. phony3 has ubuntu - ask Joan or Jeremy for an account.
      everyone can have as much diskspace as they want for anything legal (including homework or projects with other groups) - do not put ANYTHING stolen on group machines. CPU on a first come-first served basis, feel free to contact me if there are problems.
    3. you can request any legal safe software for both. (To Joan if cost, Riva/Yan or CC involved, to Omri A. for Windows and to Jeremy for ubuntu otherwise)
    4. AViz listserv reopened, called PH-AVIZ-L, sign up here
    5. visitor, Vladimir Privman, arriving 11th January for 3 weeks.
    6. Lilach presentation
    7. Joan presentation, here , still incomplete on web, more advanced with unpublished material on phjoan1 in public_html/athens15/ath15title.html
    8. welcome to Riki, S. Fishman's guest and an ex-project student in the groupwho works in statistical physics,

  • 14/1/15
    1. Welcome to Prof. Vladimir Privmam, who is giving a seminar next week and is either in 316 or 406 if you wish to talk with him.
    2. New AViz page at http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~aviz
    3. (postponed to next semester) Samer presents
    4. Quick round of introductions with updates? (Liran?)
    5. Joan will present talk on Irena and Lee's results, just accepted to PRE.

  • 21/1/15 - 502
    1. Vladimir Privman seminar rm 502.
  • On 22nd January and 12th February Dan Mordehai's students will give seminars in the Mech. Eng. Department, see here
  • Simphony nodes file