Graduate student in the Computational Physics Group
at the Department of Physics at the Technion

Phone: (972)-4-8292043
Fax: (972)-4-8293535
Department of Physics
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel

Check my final report at the HPC-Europa My Project in computational physics My PresentationComputational Physics - homeworkHydrocarbons inside Carbon Nanotube Methane inside a Carbon NanotubeCarbon Day Talk GCMD simulations-side view Poster HPC Europa 2005 IPS 2005 Talk DCV-GCMD simulations Seminar Diffusion of methane molecule using REBO potential Benzene molecule in SWNT using REBO potential Methane molecule inside C60 using REBO potential C60 inside SWNT using REBO potential Relaxation - EMD simulation of 12,12 SWNT Relaxation - EMD simulation of (4,0) and (4,4) SWNT

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