This page contains material about OpenGL and Glut programs that run on TAMNUN and ALUF. Accounts on ALUF are automatic for Technion users who have accounts on TX. New TAMNUN users should open an account via the web interface. Computational Physics course and project undergraduate students should contact Dr Adler for accounts.
This page was prepared for the LINUX version of Elad Toledano's project. Thanks to Dora for the OpenGL/Glut installations and Julia for help. To use this page you must know how to ssh -Y to TAMNUN or ALUF, see here for help. (That page explains ssh -X, OpenGL seems to need ssh -Y.)

See Elad's project webpage for the OpenGL code for the Stern-Gerlach simulation, and a downloadable executable file for TAMNUN or ALUF which may or may not work on other LINUX machines, these are both REDHAT and have similar system structures. There are also windows files on his site, including a downloadable executable.

Running OpenGL and GLUT test files on TAMNUN and other LINUX computers.

There are two excellent tar files of test files for OpenGL and GLUT that can be used to test your system and to start as sample templates with makefiles for your own codes on TAMNUN. These are glx-simple.tar.gz and glut-simple.tar.gz which come from Andrew Duchowski's website. To run on TAMNUN, you need to uncompress (gunzip) untar (tar -xvf)each file, then go to the relevant directory and write
cp makefile.linux makefile
and then write
and then run the executable. You will get:


(glut-simple) checks

On both TAMNUN and ALUF this should work. If it does not work on another machine, you need to contact the system administrators. (If it requests another file, you could try to find it in the system and place in the same directory, Two I needed for TAMNUN were glut.h and freeglut_std.h but this may be fixed now.)
I have checked connecting via cygwin of my windows laptop and via the screen of PHELAFEL.I am told goglobal is also OK. If you run into problems with the above on TAMNUN/ALUF, Dr Adler's class or project students should ask her, other Technion people should ask Julia.