QUESTION: Why do we need a parallel computer to do good Computational Physics?
ANSWER: MANY interesting problems need -
LARGE samples, LONG run times to reach equilibrium or steady state, MANY different random realizations, MANY different temperatures or pressures !

  • There is a limit to processor speed and so the only way to get the above is to connect many processors with a fast communication switch between them.
  • Either the system itself,(demanding fast communication between the parts) or the realizations are shared out. There is a limit to a students ability to do bookeeping for many runs and a single machine with many identical nodes makes this realistic.
  • Example at left: to study a LONG nanotube for LONG runtimes - divide it between processors.
  • After years of delay we got first NANCO and now TAMNUN for the TECHNION and as the icing on the cake Israel has recently become a partner in PRACE, the European Supercomputer sharing community.

    See the real TAMNUN homepage on the Computer Center Site.

    There will be 3 courses for TAMNUN users. A preliminary course on computing in a remote LINUX environment and two courses to be given by SGI. The preliminary course notes are at: and the course will be given on 22nd/23rd April.

    Acounts can be opened on TAMNUN by pointing your browser to the registration page

    Some more details on the mailing list archive which is linked below.

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