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WINTER 2011/12

My Physics 3 office hours were (as written on the INFORMATION SHEET) for the weeks of the semester only. Personal responses to emails were given until the date of Moed Bet ONLY. All contact with Physics 3 students is now in writing only and requests are to be placed in my letterbox, 4th floor Lidow Physics building with a t2 email for your response. Suitable documentation is needed for all requests.

If you submitted a late project in the correct format until the deadline and to the correct place with the subject: project - t.z. as explained here your grade will be published after Pesach. If the format or subject is not as requested your project grade will be 0.

  1. Details about exam material here.
  2. 2011/12 project page here and grades here.
  4. SYLLABUS - WINTER 2011/12.
  5. Links to old exams. Rooms for 16/3/12 http://ug.technion.ac.il/rishum/exam.php?SEM=201101&MK=114053&Search.x=24&Search.y=29
  6. HOMEWORK and class exercises at Winter 2011/12 Physics 3 Moodle PHYSICS homepage.
  7. See Joan Adler's FAQ answers to recently asked questions if you were sent here in response to an email question.
  8. Joan Adler's Physics 3 lecture notes homepage.
  9. Joan Adler's Computational Physics Group homepage. (Might have hints on where to find Dr Adler.)
  10. Physics 3 in previous semester homepage - not all links may still work here.

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