Hydrogen-like Atoms and Rutherford Scattering and the Discovery of the Nucleus . already done in 2011/12

Summary of quantum numbers

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Schroedinger Equation for a Central Potential and the Hydrogen Atom

See here for answers to question about the wavefunctions.


Spin, Stern Gerlach Experiment and the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

Please bring a periodic table to the next few lectures; also recommended to print a graph of ionization energy as a function of atomic number, see links in next topic.

Periodic Table The slides here are not very complete Pages 1371-1375 of Serway and Beichner or 260-265 of Tipler are additional material for this section. It is recommended to photocopy one of them.

Moseley and Frank-Hertz

Lasers and molecules.

These are old pages on lasers and not for use in 2010/11. Lasers

Spin and the Pauli Exclusion Principle special version for 2001 without operators and Stern Gerlach


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