1. See new link about wave addition from 2010/11.
  2. Diffraction - with downloadable matlab programs, slit5.m which needs slit5.fig to be present.
  3. Limit of resolution - weblink we had a local program but currently link is not active.

If you still need help on waves - go to Prof. Hanan Schecter's notes There are nice explanations of group velocity and phase velocity in hebrew here.

Uncertainty Principle

Material to print for the operator week (week starting 20/11) includes a jpg about operators and summaries of the infinite well and example and finite case.

The order in which we study the Schroeginger equation is
  1. Remove the time-dependence and create the time-independent Schroedinger equation.
  2. Study the solution in an infinite one-dimensional square box or well.
  3. Study the solution in a finite one-dimensional square box or well.
  4. Study the solution in an infinite three-dimensional box, first separating the equations into three variables. We will learn about degeneracy.
  5. Study the solution for a parabolic well - this is a quantum harmonic oscillator.
  6. Study what happens when there is a step, or barrier - the tunneling effect and its applications.
  7. Then we move to spherical coordinates and study the solution for the hydrogen atom.

For this section we will view ``The Schroedinger Movie'' (with music) and look at fortran or matlab routines to do the calculations. If you have matlab on a laptop it would be good to bring it to class, with the routine sdemo.m on it.

Schroedinger Equation in One Dimension

Particle in a Square Well


Particle in a Box, Degeneracy

Harmonic Oscillator In 2011/12 we are doing this after the 3d infinite box.

Slide about degeneracy in the Harmonic Oscillator.

Special slide for class only - selection rules

Operators and Measurements

Tunneling under a Potential Barrier

Definition of sinh

Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Visualization of AFM image by Atomistic Simulation Visualization software

More examples
STUDENTS in SPRING WINTER 2011/12 do not need to look at the links to material on this page below this line

Different versions for other semesters:

Operators and Measurements - other years

Particle in a Box, Degeneracy for winter 2000/2001

Tunneling under a Potential Barrier full version


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