Please enjoy this material which is selected to be at the correct level for for Physics 3. When the section is completed, a summary will be made at the bottom of this page on required material for exam, which will basically include the textbook material without all the extensions added to help you understand.

The Structure of Solids. If there is time, more details here.

Class demonstration for 4/1/12 - simulations with glass balls.

Metals - Classical Electron Gas and the Fermi Model for Metals
Note specially section on statistics of bosons and fermions in above section.

Band Structure and Semiconductors

Links to explanations about applications of diodes and transistors to radio.

See the Hebrew slides, and link to Nobel prize of Kilby. (English version- Transistors and Devices).

See the summary of Light Emitting Diodes, and also a page on direct and indirect bandgap semiconductors

This topic includes a summary of the textbook material introduced owing to problems with textbooks in some semesters - Superconductors

On 16/1/12 we will look at a demonstration of a superconductor.

revised to here for 2011/12

WHAT YOU MUST KNOW: All material in targilim and homework as well as material that is IN both textbook and in these lecture notes. Some material that is only here and not in textbook or targilim, like radio and details of Bravais and non-Bravais lattices is not needed for exam. Material about intrinsic and other semiconductors and Fermi levels is important. I'll say it again - material selected for Targilim is very important.

Revised to here, 2011/12.


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