See the following websites for more information:

  • Particle Adventure
  • Fermilab. For the video on particles see also here and for a historical table here.
  • SLAC

    Chapter 46 of your textbook is excellent on these topics. This material is fairly new for this course, and for sample questions you may see pages 1546-1551 of Serway and Beichner. Because the material is new for Physics 3 only, it does not appear in the video. See the table for a summary of many of the particles now suspected to exist. (Typo correction - in the second line L gamma should be L tau, the tau lepton conservation number.)

    Fundamental Forces



    Link to a picture of a bubble-chamber at CERN, here.

    Hadrons and Leptons

    Conservation Laws


    See also tables which give a summary of which of these particles are fermions and which are bosons.

    Cosmology - will not be given in 2012, but you can read Ari Laor's slides linked here.

    The questions usually given on the section are above the level of material taught this year. A new set for 2012 only is here.
    If anyone is interested the usual questions are:
    Sample Questions and two more pages here and here . Note that lots of these questions use material from earlier in the course, like the uncertainty principle or energy conservation in collisions. Physics is like that!

    Good luck and especially luck of the kind that comes after you have worked hard for the exams and the future.
    If you enjoyed physics 3, think about taking the Tagliot courses in the future.

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