Photoelectric Effect

X-Rays and Bragg Scattering Download diagram for Bragg Scattering HERE [Download an additional Bragg diagram] [Download a wavefunction helper]

Some helpful links from previous projects (added here on 26/10/11):
  • Phys 3, 2010 - Wave addition links - choose between [Function calculator and graph] [Mathematica][Function grapher see link] [Excel][Matlab][ better Matlab]
  • Computational Physics class project - Yoav Hadas

    Update on 14/11/11

    Compton Effect, taught by A. Laor in 2011. Download pdf file for revision; see also interactive Compton Effect and an example: figure question and answer

    The second last line from the bottom of the answer to the first part should end with 10 5

    See 14/11/11 Lecture plan

    Atomic Spectrum for 14/11/11

    Article about the Journal where many of the important results we discuss were published. It includes the effect of Nazi Germany/Austria on Physics and in particular on where the Physicists moved to.

    Atomic Spectrum demonstration on Monday 14/11/11.

    Revision of Circular Motion

    Bohr Model taught by A. Laor in 2011.

  • Animation of the Bohr Model.
  • Energy Levels and the Bohr model.
  • Photon Spectrum and the Bohr model.

    See slides about photon frequencies and reduced mass

    Hydrogen-like Atoms taught by A. Laor in 2011.

    Experiment - Davisson-Germer on Wednesday 16th November

    Introduction to Matter Waves, Davisson-Germer Experiment

    De Broglie Waves

    Revision of Waves; Electron Waves


    Probabilistic Explanation of Waves

    revised to here 19/11/11

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